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One of the most advantageous safety measures in the last several years on vehicles has been the addition of backup cameras to most vehicles. As of 2018, most vehicles under 10,000 pounds are going to be required to have backup cameras as standard issue safety features. However, if your car is older or you have a backup camera that isn’t currently working, you will want to add a backup camera to your vehicle to increase its safety. If you are interested in learning about backup cameras, you will need to realize that, while backup cameras are fantastic safety measures, they are not going to replace common sense or other driving tools. In order to maintain being safe with backup cameras, follow a few of these suggestions.

Staying Safe with Backup Cameras

First, don’t assume that your backup cameras are the only place you need to look now before backing out of your driveway or parking spot. Backup cameras are made to use in addition to, not in replacement of, your mirrors and actually looking around your car. Just because a backup camera doesn’t spy something directly behind your bumper doesn’t mean there’s not something on the sides that your sideview mirrors can see.

Second, a dirty backup camera is as good as useless. If you can’t see out of your windows, you don’t continue to drive along — you have to stop and clean them off! The same should be done with backup cameras.

Third, backup cameras, like seatbelts, only work when you use them. Consistent and proper use is the best way to stay safe with backup cameras.

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