What You Should Know About Vinyl Wraps for Your Car [infographic]

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You want to give your car a custom look, but you don’t necessarily want to invest in a fresh paint job. What’s the solution? To put a unique stamp on your car, adding a vinyl wrap is the way to go.

What You Should Know About Vinyl Wraps for Your Car [infographic]

What are Vinyl Wraps?

  • Vinyl wraps let you fully or partially cover your car in a specialized type of vinyl film.
  • This lets you change the whole look of your car without paying for a full paint job.
  • There are countless vinyl wrap options, so you can add a new color, try out a new design, or even change the texture of your car’s exterior.

How Do You Wrap a Car?

  • You choose the color, texture, and design of your wrap, and we take extremely precise measurements of your car.
  • Once your wrap is manufactured and ready to go, we carefully prep your car and apply the vinyl.

What’s So Great About Vinyl Wraps?

There are tons of great reasons to put a vinyl wrap on your car, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Customization options—With the right wrapping, you can give your vehicle an entirely new look!
  • Advertising potential—If you own a business, wrapping your vehicle is a great way to advertise what you do when you’re on the go.
  • Lack of permanency—Change your mind? Ready to try something new? Vinyl wraps can be removed without affecting the finish on your car.