Why a Touchless Car Wash Isn’t as Good as
Auto Detailing

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It was a definite step in the right direction when automatic car wash facilities started using touchless equipment instead of the old type with brushes that often damaged the cars more than they cleaned them. And, while touchless car washing does represent time savings and reduces the friction that can wear on your vehicle’s paint finish over time, it is no substitute for professional auto detailing.

Why a Touchless Car Wash Isn’t as Good as Auto Detailing

The first thing to understand about touchless car washing is that it is not effective on bug remains, heavy soiling, removal of de-icing chemicals or road film. It also is ineffective with any contamination that has strongly adhered to the surface. Manual auto detailing is effective for these situations, as quality products and techniques are utilized to get into every nook and cranny.

To further explain why auto detailing is more effective, consider whether your clothing would get cleaner in a washing machine or even with an old-fashioned scrub board rather than putting them on a clothesline and spraying them with a hose. If the latter was better, we wouldn’t spend money on washing machines.

The next thing to know is that touchless car washing facilities often use substandard cleaning products, which can adversely affect not only the paint, but also other components of your vehicle that are made of plastic and rubber. With auto detailing, the right products are used on the right materials to clean and protect them.

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