Why Everyone Needs a Back-up Camera

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Back-up cameras are so beneficial that the U.S. has made it a requirement for all new cars to have one. If you do not have a newer car, you are not out of luck. A back-up camera can be installed on older vehicles as well. If you do not yet have a back-up camera on your vehicle, then here is a list of some of the benefits you will enjoy once you have one installed.

Why Everyone Needs a Back-up Camera

  • Kids and Pets – The number one reason car owners have a back-up camera installed is to have a greater view of kids and pets. There is a huge danger of backing up when you live with or near kids and pets. Help to make yourself and others safe by having a back-up camera installed.
  • Parallel Parking – Parallel parking can be tricky, especially if there is traffic or other parked cars. A back-up camera can help you safely and effectively parallel park.
  • Blind Zone – There are multiple blind zones when driving a car. There is a large blind zone when backing up. A back-up camera helps to reduce this zone to a much smaller and more manageable area. This can help to keep you from backing over toys, curbs, landscaping, kids, and pets.

We cannot recommend a back-up camera enough! Every car and every driver will benefit from having one. Give us a call at Lasting Impressions Auto Detailing to discuss your options in back-up cameras.

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