The Best Entry Point to Ceramic Coatings!

Ceramic Pro Sport is an exceptional and affordable entry to ceramic coating technology. Lasting Impressions offers a Sport Package, which protects your vehicle for six-months. It’s a great way to see the benefits of Ceramic Pro coatings without breaking the bank. 

The Best Spray Ceramic Coating Ever Made

The Ceramic Pro Sport Package is the optimal solution for the passionate car owner who prefers amazing shine and gloss and is looking for a significant upgrade from wax and paint sealants.

Proactive vehicle owners in Charlotte have expert detailers like Lasting Impressions install the Ceramic Pro Sport coatings to provide a layer of protection, while improving the hydrophobic properties, and improving the paint’s shine, depth, and gloss.

While it comes in a spray bottle like traditional paint sealants and DIY ceramic coatings, Sport uses the power of water to activate carrier solvents in the formulation and permit the coating to penetrate microscopic imperfections found in all porous materials.

The nanotechnology found in Ceramic Pro Sport allows the coating to fuse onto the surface, then harden to provide a microscopic layer of protection. The result – your car will be protected from UV rays, environmental toxins, and stay cleaner for longer periods of time.

The super hydrophobic effect of this six-month coating will cause water to bead up and roll off the surface along with any dirt and grime.

  • Easy for Our Installers Apply
  • Quick Curing Time
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Self-Cleaning Attributes
  • Chemical Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Reduces Water Spotting
  • High Gloss Finish
Ceramic Pro
Ultimate Armor Car

Here’s what our Sport Package includes:

A high-quality, hydrophobic paint coating

A six-month warranty

A coating that protects your car from bugs, sap, road grime, and more

What Our Clients Say

“We are incredibly impressed with the service we received from Lasting Impressions. We brought my dad’s vehicle in to be tidied up so that we could sell it for him. When we picked up the car, it honestly looked brand new. From start to finish, our experience couldn’t have been better. The location is easy to get to, and Urriah and Chris were incredibly professional and thorough. Highly recommend!”

Client's Review

– Tera B.

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At Lasting Impressions, we exclusively offer Ceramic Pro coatings. From our revolutionary ION coating to the traditional – entry level nanoceramic coating packages, we can customize a solution for your needs, budget, and comfort level.

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Ceramic Pro Sport Package