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If you have a car, truck, luxury SUV, or performance coupe, KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF delivers the Ultimate Shield of Protection. 

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Directly from the industry leader who brought the original Ceramic Coating to US shores, comes the only true ceramic infused paint protection film. And it’s the best gloss PPF in Charlotte for vehicle owners looking for superior protection against road debris, environmental contamination, and natural toxins.

Introducing KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film, the perfect fusion of our cutting-edge Ceramic Pro Nanotechnology and our premium Self-Healing Paint Protection Film. Experience the ultimate surface protection that combines the best of both worlds!

The advanced film’s stain resistance ensures your vehicle stays cleaner for longer. It also provides protection against rocks and other debris encountered on the road.

The benefits of KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF extend beyond its impressive gloss, clarity, and protection against rock chips and debris. KAVACA Ceramic Coated is also exceptionally low-maintenance, reducing wash times by 50% thanks to the hydrophobic properties of our nano-ceramic technology.

From performance machines to motorcycles and luxury vehicles, all vehicle owners can have peace of mind knowing that this film is backed by a Carfax Verified Warranty.

The film undergoes a remarkable transformation with Ceramic Pro PPF and Vinyl formula during production. This means that once the film embraces your car, you instantly unlock the hydrophobic wonders of a Ceramic Pro coating in a single installation step.

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The best PPF for car owners looking for superior gloss, shine, and depth for their paint – with a superior hydrophobic surface is KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film. 

Introducing our cutting-edge PPF! Engineered with super hydrophobic and non-yellowing properties, this high-tech marvel is revolutionizing the automotive industry. 

If you’re looking for a paint protection film that gives you the benefits of Ceramic Pro without the extra cost and installation time? Look no further than KAVACA Ceramic-Coated Paint Protection Film!

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If You’re Going to Protect the Outside of Your Car with PPF – Why Not Have Our Team Install the Best Window Film?

Ultimate IR
KAVACA Ultimate IR is the World’s FIRST Luxury Window Film. It blocks up to 98% of heat producting infrared radiation, 99.9% of UV, and offers an industry-leading level of clarity. It’s ONLY available in Downtown Charlotte at Lasting Impressions. 

Full Car, Charlotte, NC
Exterior Concourse Correction, Charlotte, NC

Ceramic IR
KAVACA Ceramic IR is Ceramic Pro’s most popular window film option, mainly due to it’s impressive heat rejection properties. It can reflect 96 percent of heat producing IR – keeping the interior of your vehicle cooler.

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