Luxury Car Care: Is It Worth the Expense? [infographic]

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Luxury Car Care: Is It Worth the Expense?If keeping your car looking as new as possible is important to you, you may be wondering if luxury car care, including things such as paint protection and Ceramic Pro coatings, is worth the expense. Having your car washed at the local car wash can keep it looking nice, but in the long run, there are several reasons why luxury car care is worth doing.

  • Hand Washing. In order to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, protection from the elements is crucial. If your car gets sprayed with lawn sprinklers or bird droppings, be sure to have the car hand washed as soon as possible. Hand washing does a much more thorough cleaning job and, unlike the local car wash, prevents damage to the paint.
  • Sun Exposure. UV rays can do a lot of damage to the exterior paint. Having the exterior sealed with a UV protectant and washed and waxed with a synthetic wax regularly can help prevent much of the damage. Having a more permanent paint protection product, such as Ceramic Pro, applied to the exterior of your vehicle can go even further to protect your paint job. Application of window tinting can protect the interior of your vehicle as well by blocking up to 99% of UV light.
  • Wheels and Tires. Don’t forget that the wheels and tires are important to keep clean also. Exposure to brake dust and outside elements can rust the finish on your wheels.¬†High-quality tire cleaning products remove the dirt that may have built up on your tires over time, and the application of a protective coating can make them look new again.
  • Vacuum and Leather Seat Maintenance. Keeping the interior of your vehicle clean is just as important as the exterior. Sand, rocks and gravel can cause damage to the carpet, as well as scratch interior surfaces. Without cleaning and application of a leather conditioner, leather seats can crack and wear over time.
  • Appearances. If you work in a profession where you transport customers or business associates in your car, you will want it to look pristine. Luxury car care can also significantly help in maintaining the value of your car.

Luxury Car Care: Is It Worth the Expense?

Luxury car care can really go a long way when it comes to keeping your car looking its best and protecting your investment. Our technicians have the experience and training to get the job done right. Please give us a call at Lasting Impressions Auto Detailing today.