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Get superior protection that no wax can match with Ceramic Pro.

Even if you carefully and meticulously clean the interior of your vehicle, if there is chipping or scratches on the paint, your car won’t look as well-cared for as it really is! Protecting your car’s paint job can often feel like a losing and uphill battle. With careless drivers who ding your car door when they park too close or birds who decide your car closely resembles a bathroom, there are so many things that can quickly ruin a paint job- no matter how careful of a driver you are. Here at Lasting Impressions Auto Detailing, we want to make sure that the impression your car gives off is the right one, and that is why we are here to offer Ceramic Pro protection to you and your vehicle.

Ceramic Pro Protection in Charlotte, North Carolina
Ceramic Pro protection is different than any other wax or other protective product that you’ve seen out there. While waxes can be wiped-off or need consistent re-application, Ceramic Pro protection actually adheres to the layers of your paint job, creating a protective seal that is virtually impenetrable. No longer will you need to worry about things like rain turning scratches into spreading rust spots. No longer will oxidation be your enemy! With Ceramic Pro protection, you’ll enjoy protection for your vehicle’s paint job that you can count on.

From custom vehicle painting and detailing to paint protection and window tinting, we do it all!

If you want to protect your car from the humidity and drivers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, come talk with us today at Lasting Impressions Auto Detailing for our professional application of Ceramic Pro protection products.

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